Hi, I'm Jochebed...






This site is my last attempt to keep writing my life story. 

It starts with a dream, and so far, it ends with a dilapidated

Detroit Land Bank house I'd hoped to grow older in before I moved in & everything went wrong. 


Now my true best hope is that I survive Long COVID ME/CFS 

long enough to build this house into a home, a mutual aid space, and a sanitarium (n), of sorts, for myself and others escaping

homelessness & eugenicism

Will you help me build a place where I can heal?



( & this is Pluto, like the planet. )

sanitarium (n): establishment for the medical treatment of people who are convalescing or have a chronic illness.

Galmi Hospital, Niger Republic

Galmi Hospital and adjoining compound for missionary doctors where I was raised in the Niger Republic.

Inside The "CC"

Reading inside the Galmi Compound Convalescence Center, my favorite childhood pastime besides playing outside.

Miango Rest Home

The sanitarium, Miango Rest Home, where my family used to vacation in Nigeria.

My House

My house in the first update to the Detroit Land Bank; Plexiglas for most windows, solar panels, missing fence and all.

Miango Rest Home

Inside the Miango lounge; the playroom and dining hall where breakfast and dinner were served growing up is just out of sight on the right.

Clawfoot Tub

The salvaged tub I'd like to purchase for my bathroom.

Moldy Meter Closet

The closet full of stranger things and mysteries - like the 1990, 11th grade art show portfolio of a man that supposedly still lives next door - but no meter...yet.

February 14th, 2006 Detroit Free Press

The old newspaper I found lying undisturbed after 15 years on the shelf in my would-be living room, "Appointment with a crisis: 6000 fewer physicians by 2020. Michigan faces doctor shortage."

U of M Emergency Department

My last trip to the hospital.

The Stairs

Pluto mid exit, supplies and the stairs I can no longer safely climb to go home.

The Library Windows

The windows that screamed "LIBRARY!" and the van that's now missing it's key ignition.

The Front Door & Bathroom Cabinet

Just a shot I love of the exact bathroom sink cabinet I was looking for at the Tireman Flea Market last December.

A First Floor Bedroom

A room that will hopefully house someone else, if I can manage to make it upstairs first.